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My work is visual poetry written in laughs, tears, whispers, and hand holds. Caresses and vows made up the parts of these beautiful pieces that will carry on timelessly. As always, art speaks to the hidden most parts of the soul. It's my favorite form of communication, my favorite way to explore this life, and the root of my most treasured connections.  You miraculously found your epic love, and now you've found me. I am relieved your here. I cannot wait to capture you and your love during this phase of life . Even more excited to then gift it back to you to relive and cherish forever.  

let's get this show on the road

all love celbrated here

intimate wedding photographer, insufferable poet, photo Journalist, and the best third wheel you've ever had

for the old souls and timeless romantics  

"imagery that breathes
life back into
your memories"

The Love & Intimacy You've Found is Sacred





josie + Corey

"From the first time I came across Taylor’s instagram I just had a feeling about her work. And then all my intuition that she was a special soul was confirmed time after time in every interaction. the feeling we had when we viewed our photos was a feeling of magic and gratefulness that she was there to capture every sweet moment of our day and our love. The photos brought us right back to our day and were filled with so much love and emotion. Her creativity is inspiring and makes her stand out above all the rest! She creates magic like no one else can."

katelin + noah

"The thing I love the most about our photos, and all of Taylor's work, is that you can FEEL the photography. The emotions present at the snap of the camera echo through her work so effortlessly. Because we eloped, having photography that made our family and friends feel included in the emotions of the day was very important to me. Taylor nailed that. The first, and every, time I view our gallery I'm instantly taken back to the most perfect day"

emma + Ian

“Taylor took the time to understand what was important to us and captured it in ways that made my heart swell. She didn't deliver just photographs; we got whole memories that effortlessly captured the day, emotion, and personality.
I can't say enough good things about Taylor; knowing her feels like a hug around the neck, and working with her feels like the most fun collaborative project you've ever done. She exceeded every expectation I had without compromise."

you've found each other, and now you've found me



I have been hoarding snippets of memories through ticket stubs, long lost friendship bracelets, and quickly snapped moments on my disposable cameras since I was 8. I have always found joy in connecting with people and capturing their stories. Now i get to do both for a living. I thrive in intimate settings and creative places. I balance both film and digital cameras alongside each other to capture the nostalgia and tender moments in this phase of your life. Moments for you to hold forever. I was created to create, and I can't wait to do that with you too. 

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